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The power of beneficial microbes

Our Products.

Plant Products.
Biovirid provides organic and biological solutions to give your plant a helping hand. It is in the growers interest to provide the best environment possible for their plants. Beneficial micro organisms help develop root systems, protect plants against soil borne diseases, insects and help against abiotic stresses such as drought. 

A healthy plant microbiome is comparable to a healthy gut microbiome. It makes you more resilient against a harsh environment.


Nematode Products.
In C.elegans research, nematodes need to be fed with a consistent quality foodsource to reduce variablity between studies. This foodsource, commonly found Eschericia coli's, have conventionally grown for decades. 

Biovirid's freeze dried OP50 and HB101 is specifically designed to reduce batch variability and as a soltuion to save significant preparation times. It is now possible to start your experiment off the shelf.



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