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Trichoderma harzianum colonizes the plant root system to stimulate root growth and enhance nutrient uptake. TrichoderMAX Liquid formulation is compatible with a large variety of plants and crops and naturally occurs in soil and roots. TrichoderMAX is grown and formulated in such a way that after a single application activity can be monitored after 16 weeks. 


TrichoderMAX Liquid can be used for spray and drench applications and is the economically friendly alternative for TrichoderMAX Powder. Its fertilizing properties increase germination speed and cropyield.

BioVirid's patented process has unique features:
Increased melanin content protects the spores from direct sunlight.

Increased Alpha-1,3-content in the spore cell wall increases infectivity and root colonization. 

TrichoderMAX Liquid

  • Nitrogen 1.0%
    Phosphorus 2.0%
    Potassium 1.5%
  • Dosage See manual for your desired crop
    Concentration > 1 * 10 ^ 9 spores/ml
    Storage temperature

    4-8°C / 39 - 46°F

    Storage conditions

    Keep away from direct sunlight

    Shelf life

    > 30 days



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