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Freeze-dried OP50 is a ready to use Escherichia coli OP50 that speeds up your experiments. Additionally, it also guarantees reproducibility between every experiment.


We culture high-quality Escherichia coli in a sterile and controlled environment. All you need to do is remove the wrapper, add some dH2O and you can feed it to your Caenorhabditis elegans. Most researchers use OP50 to seed NGM agar plates or add to worm liquid cultures (S-medium).


The product contains:

  • Living cells
  • High nutritional value
  • Constant quality (perfect for reproducability)
  • Ready to use


1 vial allows the seeding of 80 NGM plates, or feeding of 1 x 250ml worm culture


How to use:

Add 40mL of ddH20 to the vial to resuspend the OP50
Shake thoroughly for 30 seconds
And your ready to go!
- Or, Pipette 500uL ontop of your NGM plate
- Or, add the 40mL in a 250mL S-media worm culture to feed the worms for several generations

E.coli OP50 | Freeze Dried & ready to use



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