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About Us

It is our everyday mission to produce biological compounds for a healthier planet.

Biovirid has a focus on delivering biological alternatives for chemical fertilizers and insecticides to the market. We believe that incorporating fungi, bacteria or other microorganisms with known beneficial effects to agriculture will not only allow farmers to work on a more sustainable way, doing less harm to the environment, but also has a beneficent effect on yield and quality of the crop. This can go hand in hand when the right combination of biological alternatives is used and we are confident, we can move the world towards a safer and healthier place with our products.

Additionally, Biovirid supports a world where animal tests can be reduced to a minimum by developing tools that support alternative drug and dermatological tests. An example of an alternative model is the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, a small worm with 50% genetic similarity to the human. We develop and produce a biological food source based on Escherichia coli biomass that is used as a feed for C. elegans.

Meet The Team

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